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Q: What should I do to the concrete floor before apply epoxy resin floor paint?

A: Before applying epoxy floor paint, be sure to make the concrete floor smooth and flat, the surface must be clean,sound hard and free from loose particles,oil,grease and other contaminants. If it is old floor with cracks,holes,joints, it is required to repair and till dry.


Q: Is there any special requirement on the substrate concrete condition?

A: Yes, The concrete strenght must be above >C25 ;

             Flatness: the maximum altitude difference of 2M running rule must be <3mm

             The moisture content of the base must be <4%.


Q: What is the requirement on the environment during application of epoxy floor paint?

A: 1, The temperature should be no less than 10 C;

    2, The moisture of air should be below 85%

   3, Make sure the room is well ventilated during application.


Q: How many layers of epoxy paint is it in your paint system?

A: This is flexible. If your floor is new and smooth in good condition, generally 3 layers of epoxy paint would be enough;

    While if your floor is old with cracks,joints,holes,etc,it is suggested to apply 4 layers of epoxy paint.


Q: What is the thickness after application of epoxy floor paint?

A: The general thickness is about 2mm for 4 layers.


Q: How many days does it take to finish whole painting project?

A: The re-coat time of each layer is usually 8 hours, namely you can finish one layer today,and tomorrow start another layer.So if you have experienced painters, it will take no more than one week if the floor area is below 5000 sqm.


Q: When can I use the newly painted floor?

A: After applying epoxy floor paint, you will need maintenance about 7~10 days, no people walk,no maching running. 


Q: Besides the epoxy paint,what else do I need to buy for application?

A: You will need the related tools,such as roller, trowel, grinding machine,grinding disks,electrical mixing machine,etc. We can collect all the necessary accessory tools for you.