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Water Base Polyurethane Weathering Resistant Floor Paint

  • main raw material: PU Resin
  • Suitable for Food factory,office,workshop,swimming pool,walking path,etc.
  • Usage: indoor&outdoor floor coating decoration protection waterproofing
  • Applied on : Concrete floor, Metal floor
  • State: Liquid Coating
  • Application method: Manual work plus grinding machine
  • Application tool: teeth spatula,roller
  • Thickness: 1~2 mm
  • Service life: over 10 years

Two Component Water Based Polyurethane Floor Varnish

Model :CP-818


1,Two Component Polyurethane Clear Varnish;

2,Glossy and Matt Smooth Finish;

3,Outstanding Flexibility,Crack Resistant;

4,Super Wear Resistant with hardness 5-6H;

5,Available in various solid colors;

6,Weathering Resistance is 30 times of Epoxy Paint.

Suitable for1,Interior &Exterior Floors of Parking, Factory Workshop, Water Park,Swimming Pool,3D Image Floor,etc.

2, Epoxy Paint, PVC Floors, Flooring Renovation,etc.
Technical Data

Inspection Item


Varnish (Part A

Milk white low viscosity resin

20 kg/barrel

HardenerPart B 

Transparent liquid

5 kg/barrel

Touch Dry (250C)/h               

Hard Dry(250C)/h               



Recommended Consumption

0.07~0.08 kg/m2

Wear Resistance(750g,500r)/g  


Pencil Hardness /H          


Bonding Strength /Mpa           


Oil Resistance(120#gas,30d)

Film no bubble,no wrinkle,no peelingoff. Light discolouration and dulling is allowed

Acid Resistance(20%H2SO4,48h)

Film no bubble,no wrinkle,no peeling off,no discolouration,no dulling.

Alkali Resistance(10%NaOH,7d)

Film no bubble,no wrinkle,no peeling off,no discolouration,no dulling.

Salt Water Resistance

(3%Nacl, 7d)

Film no bubble,no wrinkle,no peeling off,no discolouration,no dulling.

RemarkPolyurethane series products perform fast chemical reaction, so it is suggested to add about 5% water in the mixture during installation. The best temperature for installation is 10-25

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